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This is where you will be able to show off your drawings and make them available to the Doodleverse!


the skinny on the doodler, the doodleverse and all that is good

VRDoodler is a browser-based 3D drawing platform that can render in virtual reality,
and into 3D printable objects. Haven is a crowd-sourced audio-visual storytelling VR platform
to be built on top of VRDoodler. The net result is a 3D "Harold And The Purple Crayon meets Humans of New York"
content-creation platform that is mobile, easy to use, and free.


Cindy Bishop, Founder, Creator, Developer, Artist email me at cindy at vrdoodler dot com

Saul Baizman,Jim Sussinno, Alex Cruikshank, Design/Dev Contributors

Sandra Rodriguez, Filmmaker, Director, Scholar tba

Nathan Saucier, 360 Videographer, Artist tba

Callum Cooper, Filmmaker, Sound Artist for Haventba

Wouldn't have happened without: prof Sacha Constanza-Chock, ODL director Sarah Wolozin and all of the MIT ODL crew!

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