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[Scene 1, August 31] VIEW

notes: music added although sound track still incomplete

[Scene 2, Sept 8] VIEW

notes: sound design incomplete. most illustrations incorporated

[Scene 3, Sept 25, updated keyframing] VIEW - more to come

[Scene 4, Oct 10]

[Scene 5, Oct 17]

[gaze tracking/moving, positional sound, Oct 15-20]

The success of the German wine industry is reliant on grafting technology between two strains of grape vines.
Similarly, forthcoming success of German social order is reliant on the "true" integration of the country's massive
current population of immigrants. Fleeing the ravages of Hurricane Katrina to land in a small town in Germany, Sheila Madary,
weaves a local metaphor for the challenges of assimilation with foreign cultures.
An owl observes from afar, a reference to Hegel: “The owl of Minerva spreads its wings only with the falling of the dusk,”
in essence history can only be analyzed in hindsight.

See the transcript of screenplay here. Updated August 30 2016


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